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After any stadium event, you should convene an after-action meeting that includes representatives of the police and other involved organizations. This will allow you to exchange information about what worked and what strategies should be modified. You can use this meeting to develop an after-action report. The after-action report should include qualitative information gathered in the meeting, as well as quantitative measures of spectator violence-prevention outcomes. You should then use this information to improve your local strategy for dealing with spectator violence in stadiums.

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While an overabundance of uniformed officers may not be necessary, some level of visibility can provide a deterrent effect. Micheal Scott

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Local government officials. The mayor, city council, city manager, and local prosecutors and judges may know of city ordinances you can use to regulate event activities. They may also know of instances when these ordinances have been successfully (or unsuccessfully) used in the past. Local government officials can also gather the resources necessary to implement costly responses.

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Event significance. An event considered significant can provoke aggression among spectators. 86 For example, an important victory can produce celebratory rioting within the stadium or in adjacent parking lots or neighborhoods. 87 An increase in emergency room visits has been documented following celebratory victories after highly charged games. 88 Other research has shown that violence is more likely to occur at games where the teams have played each other previously in the same season, and when intradivisional rivals are playing. 89

“It was definitely drunken fans that were the biggest problem,’’ said Fancy, now 97 and a business owner and minor hockey coach in his native British Columbia. “They were coming at us and we went back at them. It was a hostile environment to be in.’’

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Crowding increases the likelihood of violence because it limits mobility, increases the likelihood of unwanted contact between spectators and increases wait times for entry, purchases, and exit. Micheal Scott

She found American fans more passionate and confrontational about nonprofessional sports — college football and basketball primarily — than those internationally. The book looks at organized student “fan groups” that target opposing players for harassment.

Giants kicker Josh Brown had two incidents with his wife that his team knew about, re-signed him, and gave him a raise before media backlash finally led to him being released.

You can generally classify spectator violence as either spontaneous or organized. 69 Organized violence is very rare in the United States and is seen more often in European sport matches that attract large numbers of hardcore fans from other countries. These fans form "gangs" who attend events intending to cause a disturbance. . events tend to experience more spontaneous violence resulting from an overzealous or intoxicated crowd (., wild dancing in a so-called "mosh pit"). It is important to distinguish between organized and spontaneous violence, since each requires different solutions. Specific factors that contribute to spontaneous spectator violence are explored below.

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