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Variante de conjugaison : to buy ? | do not buy | Fé minin | Contraction
Modal : aucun | may | might | can | could | shall | should | will | would | must | ought to
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Verbe Irrégulier : To Buy

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amount - appoint - approve - bite - brake - bury - calculate - call - catch - check - deliver - disturb - do - double - fly - frog - garden - giggle - go - imagine - indicate - mad - mast - measure - order - party - pass - permit - planish - practice - pray - provide - refer - shut - succeed - swap - taste - to be - to do - to go - to have - transfer - travail - weep

announce - arm - bag - be - bear - bid - buy - comment - coo - create - deaden - declaw - dedicate - deny - do - download - drown - encompass - ensure - foresee - free - get - harm - have - install - like - live - man - obtain - quit - see - shape - speak - sting - swing - take - thank - understand - welcome - work - write

I would have bought
you would have bought
he would have bought
we would have bought
you would have bought
they would have bought

I am buy ing
you are buy ing
he is buy ing
we are buy ing
you are buy ing
they are buy ing

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I had bought
you had bought
he had bought
we had bought
you had bought
they had bought


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