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My last name begins with a T, so there isn 8767 t a lot of creativity that can go into that letter! But this is still going to be a cool project to try out!

How to Buy and Use Rice Paper Wrappers - Inspired Taste

I 8767 m so glad you posted about this. I 8767 m going to make some wall letters for my friends baby and this will save me some money. Plus I can use any font I want. Thanks so much!!

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Love your project! I just wanted to let you know that I featured it today on my blog Sew Rockin 8767 . You can check it out at: http:///7566/67/59/you-sew-rock-me-fridays-8/

Read that:? Its pretty simple 🙂 . now you click on the image a couple of times and you will get it at full resolution.

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You can also use Paint Shop Pro to print your letter if you don 8767 t have access to Publisher. I used an older version , which you can download a trial version if you do a search.

Wrapping rice paper is easy just as easy as wrapping a burrito. You will also get better the more often you do it. Even so, they don 8767 t need to be perfect!

Wow i love it, now i could make a sign for my grand daughters room may be her name because she is learning to spell her name, i cant wait.

Cr ystal my sister and I are going to be doing some paper mache projects.. the letter idea is a great idea have you ever done a paper mache project that was covered in black / white pictures If so did you have problem with the ink coming off when applying them and / or putting on the top coat??

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