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The roles of consumers mentioned above are born through social interactions. Very few purchases are made driven solely by the "ego" - consciously or subconsciously people's decisions take always into account their social circle. It is also important to note that the roles change during the lifetime of the consumer. For example, a child rarely can be an influencer and even more rarely buyer. The purchases of a childless man usually involve himself, and a consumer with children buys largely for his family and certainly is influenced by the needs of other family members as it is the case in the present example.

The effect of domestic politics on foreign policy decision

The head of the government in most cases is not an individual actor. Foreign Policy decisions are collective or influenced by others in the political system. He is subject to group think (a type of thought within a deeply cohesive in-group whose members try to minimize conflict and reach consensus without critically testing, analyzing, and evaluating ideas [69] ). However, when assuming that the he is taking decisions solely, personality and cognition are extremely important factors.

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The external conditions such as inflation and unemployment or an illness in the family are factors that will determine the amount to be spent to purchase a product and when it is best to purchase a specific commodity. The marketing environment in conjunction with the presence at mass media is an area that in recent decades has gained immense power of influence in today's consumer. For example, usually the ads aim to influence consumer for a particular product of a certain brand, while the factor culture does not "suggest" specific brands but more goods

Thoughts on Leadership: How Important is Decision-Making

The term consumer behavior includes the customers of specific goods and the people using the goods. It is usually used to refer to any human market behavior and use of products and services.

At this point it should be mentioned that most consumer behaviors wish to fulfill more than one target or needs, thus not only talking about one motive, but about a group of motives which motivates consumer behavior. In the present example, the groups of motives are transportation, social image and possession needs.

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putting "limits" in people's understanding on which products and services are acceptable. The subcultures, are groups of people who belong in the broader context of culture and share similar values and attitudes. A subculture could be working women with children

Culture refers to beliefs, values and opinions shared by members of the society where people live and has a catalytic effect on people's behavior during their life by

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Imagine you are a consumer who is about to purchase a car. You may imagine it to be any consumer (male or female, in full time employment or student, married or single, old or rich or poor, children or no children, etc') but be sure to clearly state the personal characteristics you imagine this particular consumer to have. It may also be useful at this point to establish whether you are able to gain information on your imaginary chosen consumer (from sources such as Mintel) so that you have credible sources from which to base your report on. Please note that this consumer need not be you!

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