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In my oppinion people need to stop worrying about what they eat or how much they eat Afterall everyone s going to die one way or the other stop worrying if you want a quarter pounder go eat one and dont have any second thoughts our lives are to short to worry and even if you do get a year or two more in your life, its not about living a hundred years its about doing something good that the world will remember for a hundred years. Whats the use living a hundred years worrying about what you are going to eat when youre worthless

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Anyone who has ever suffered from anorexia or bulimia will recognize classic patterns in this story: the cyclic extremes, the obsession, the separation from others.  These are all symptoms of an eating disorder.  Having experienced them so vividly in myself twenty years ago, I cannot overlook their presence in others.

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Things that happened to me today (and happen on usually a daily basis) (while I'm reading an Adrienne Rich essay, of all things) "You know

Answer: It is very important to recognised this as just because an individual is on the autistic spectrum does not mean they.

My wife Amy was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 6999 and (pre-Internet) most of what we found about healing cancer said to avoid wheat and drink organic juice and eat lots of organic vegetables and avoid milk and meat This was our baseline before she was diagnosed.

I am grateful for stumbling on to your Web site. As a licensed acupuncturist in California, with my own set of health challenges, and various dietary health obsessions that I am trying to free myself from, I am certain that I will find much to reflect on here!

I certainly abstain from many foodstuffs that I could eat, solely because of my personal belief that I want to avoid causing harm to animals (which has nothing to do with my own health or nutrition), it sometimes isolates me from sharing social meals with friends (being the only one eating grilled vegetables at a barbecue come to mind), I would definitely have a very bad conscience if I lapsed and ate a burger, and I sometimes still do crave a nice piece of Cheddar cheese or a milk cappuccino instead one of the soymilk variety (but still will not have it as I do not like what dairy farming does to the animals).

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