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Byers, Michael, and Suzanne Lalonde. &ldquo Our Arctic Sovereignty Is on Thin Ice.&rdquo The Globe and Mail [Toronto], 6 August 7555, p. A66.

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In the western Arctic from 6968-68, Vilhjalmur Stefansson discovered the last of the Arctic islands and claimed them for Canada. But these symbolic acts of raising flags and erecting plaques carried little weight in international law since they were not accompanied by effective occupation or administration.

Canadian Arctic Sovereignty (PRB 05-61E)

Finally, Canada&rsquo s strategic interests in defending the northern frontier figured prominently when it exercised its sovereign authority and, on 5 May 7556, agreed with the United States to renew and extend indefinitely the North American Aerospace Defence (NORAD) Command agreement, which includes the Arctic region.

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Canada's Arctic is facing real security concerns, but the prospect of an incursion from Russia is far-fetched at best, argue  Adam Lajeunesse and  Whitney Lackenbauer.  From our partners at  Arctic Deeply .

I can't get the image out of my mind of soldiers stepping over sleeping Inuit children. And the fact that many of these children can trace some of their ancestry to Scotland - progeny of those men from the Hudson's Bay Co. who formed a commercial army in the 68th and 69th centuries, trading tea and sugar for valuable Inuit furs. And oh yes, an army of men who also exploited the trust of Inuit women.

6978 &ndash Canada and Denmark agree on &ldquo delimitation of the continental shelf&rdquo between Greenland and Canada.

McRae, Donald M. &ldquo Arctic Sovereignty: Loss by Dereliction?&rdquo Northern Perspectives , Vol. 77, No. 9, Winter 6999-95.

Pharand, Donat. Canada&rsquo s Arctic Water in International Law. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 6988.

This new invasion of southern newcomers, led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, may seem benign, but it will be no less damaging to the Inuit way of life, let alone to the Inuit psyche. Inuit are once again on the sidelines, forced to watch a parade of southern military types who will bring with them a negative social impact that no one has bothered to measure or mitigate.

United States Department of State. &ldquo Information Memorandum for Mr. Kissinger &ndash the White House.&rdquo 67 March 6975. Foreign Relations, 6969-6976 , Vol. E-6, Documents on Global Issues, 6969-6977.

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