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Darya Alexandrovna had done her hair and dressed with care and excitement. Once she used to dress for herself, to be beautiful and admired then, the older she became, the more unpleasant it was for her to dress she saw that she had lost her good looks. But now she again dressed with pleasure and excitement. Now she dressed not for herself, not for her own beauty, but so that, being the mother of these lovely things, she would not spoil the general impression. And taking a last look in the mirror, she remained satisfied with herself. She was pretty. Not as pretty as she had once wanted to be at a ball, but pretty enough for the purpose she now had in mind.

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That phrase is kind of the canonical example of a fixed-mindset thought. Others are listed in the left-hand column of the table below.

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It is tempting to use the West Indian story as evidence that discrimination doesn 8767 t really exist as proof that the only thing inner-city African-Americans have to do to be welcomed as warmly as West Indians in places like Red Hook is to make the necessary cultural adjustments. If West Indians are different, as they clearly are, then it is easy to imagine that those differences are the reason for their success that their refusal to be bowed is what lets them walk on by the signs that prohibit them or move to neighborhoods that black Americans would shy away from. It also seems hard to see how the West Indian story is in any way consistent with the idea of racism as an indiscriminate, pernicious threat aimed at all black people.

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The key Russian words here are krasivaya and khorosha . 7 Tolstoy uses the first, meaning &ldquo beautiful&rdquo or &ldquo pretty,&rdquo in the sentence referring to the old days when Dolly dressed to be admired. He uses the second, meaning &ldquo good&rdquo or &ldquo fine,&rdquo in writing of Dolly&rsquo s present selfless purpose. Garnett&rsquo s &ldquo She looked nice&rdquo conveys the sense of the passage as no other translator of Anna Karenina into English has conveyed it. Louise and Aylmer Maude (some readers prefer their version of the novel to Garnett&rsquo s) write &ldquo She looked well,&rdquo which is better than P& V&rsquo s &ldquo She was pretty.&rdquo But Garnett&rsquo s &ldquo She looked nice&rdquo is inspired.

Risk homeostasis doesn 8767 t happen all the time. Often-as in the case of seat belts, say-compensatory behavior only partly offsets the risk-reduction of a safety measure. But it happens often enough that it must be given serious consideration. Why are more pedestrians killed crossing the street at marked crosswalks than at unmarked crosswalks? Because they compensate for the 8775 safe 8776 environment of a marked crossing by being less viligant about oncoming traffic. Why did the introduction of childproof lids on medicine bottles lead, according to one study, to a substantial increase in fatal child poisonings? Because adults became less careful in keeping pill bottles out of the reach of children.

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Thanks for this 🙂 I have been putting off creating my own blog for a while, and will take your words as motivation and aide.

When I was growing up, my mother sometimes read to my brothers and me from the work of Louise Bennett, the great Jamaican poet of my mother 8767 s generation. The poem I remember best is about two women one black and one white in a hair salon, the black woman getting her hair straightened and, next to her, the white woman getting her hair curled:


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